Thursday, 8 February 2018

French culture study

apparently if you do not like cheese french people will be very confused and pity you.
apparently french people eat all of a pig

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Hōne Heke

 When was Te Tiriti o Waitangi signed?

this week we have a reading assignment and this is one of the question we have to answer and the answer is
Image result for When was Te Tiriti o Waitangi signed?6 February 1840 by the representatives of the British crown and the Māori chiefs there that's the answer. 

What is the biggest difference between the text of The Treaty of Waitangi in English, and Te Tiriti o Waitangi in te reo?

this is another question and this is the answer p.s this is much longer then the other one. Williams hobson did not suggest any changes to the text, so some people see this as a sign that he did not think the Māori text was seriously misleading. 

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

This is my four dragons story draft.

Once upon a time a long long long time ago in china when there were no rivers and no rain. here was four dragons a black dragon with eyes scarier than a nightmare a, a yellow dragon with wings as bright as the sun, a long dragon that’s as slick as a snake and a pearl dragon with skin as cold as snow, these four dragons lived at the beach living a peaceful life, until one day they heard a child crying they investigated  the nearby village and they saw it was dried up people dying and begging for water the black dragon said “what do we do,”
“i don't know,” replied the yellow dragon.
“how about we go to the emperor and ask for rain,” the long dragon suggested.
 “thats a great idea do you guys agree,” said the pearl.
dragon they all agreed. They headed up to the palace and asked the emperor “your people are dying can you please make it rain,” they all asked.
 he replied “oh you if you leave me alone i’ll do it tomorrow,”
the dragons left in joy knowing that everything would be fine.

A week passed and no rain has fallen “why is has there been no rain,” said the black dragon as he stomps his feet in anger.
“Im sure the emperor will make it rain today,” exclaimed the yellow dragon smiling.
“You been saying that all week we need to take this upon ourselves,” replied the long dragon slithering along looking for something they could do.
“why don't we use the sea water as rain?” suggested the pearl dragon with sea water in mouth.
They all agreed and got sea water in their mouths and sprayed it across the village they people rejoiced.

The emperor noticed and was enraged “i'm the only one who can make it rain’” he shouted stomping his feet and flailing his arms.
he commanded the mountain god to trap them under mountains, when they were under the mountains they could still communicate “i don't regret a thing,” said the black dragon.  
“Same,” agreed the yellow dragon.
“ i feel like we should do more because there will be no more rain,” said the long dragon.
“Why don't we turn ourselves into rivers so the villagers will always have water,” suggested the pearl dragon.

They all agreed then turned themselves into rivers the Heilongjiang (black), Huang he (yellow), Yangzi jiang (long) and the Zhujiang (pearl).

What did you think?

Sunday, 3 December 2017

My Writing goals

Provide quality feedback on our peers' writing.

Use sensory descriptions.

Consistently use full stops and capital letters.

i chose these because i barley remember to do these

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

year 7 horizons leadership course

we went on a leadership course at horizons my favorite thing was the flying kiwi i know it makes no seance i know but it was so fun i felt like i was flying and getting a wedgie it was uncomfortable but fun.    

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Gap filler course 

at the the course we started of the day with some challenges then we had morning tea after that we went for a walk and looked at some projects  made by gab filler my favorite was the giant arcade game .
when we arrived back to the gab filler HQ we made pizza lunch then we hung out for a while then did 
some weeding then we went back to school.

hi I am a year 7 student
and i will be posting
-and some other advents

please be aware that i´m new to blogger so sometimes there might be mistakes.